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UK ULDA & Partners Cooperative


Is a projects funding partner of ULDA (a CAC registered construction skills training and upskilling entity) on the mass-housing and infrastructure development projects that the latter intends to be delivering for third parties (off takers) with its faculty of worldclass construction professionals and army of creatively engaged trainees.

What is a Cooperative?


A cooperative is a commercial enterprise that is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits. In the tradition of cooperative founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.



We are a cooperative society of like-minded real estate social investors who, whilst seeking legitimate and competitive profits from our investments, wish to see concomitant social profits of skills-cum enterprise-empowerment and affordable mass-housing with infrastructure developments accompanying the use of our investment funds.



Is to create an innovative value-chain of construction skills-empowerment, Real Estate/Infrastructure value creation which give impressive return on investments to the investors of the projects.

4 Reasons to be part of UK ULDA & Partners Cooperative


  • The cooperative’s collaborative relationship with ULDA
  • Achieving objectives that would be otherwise unattainable by an individual
  • Relative Ease of Access to Vital Resources from its Members
  • Investment secured by Contractual Offtakers

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To Register as a member of this cooperative and to get more information about how laws of the UK protects the members of the cooperative, click on the below link to fill out the online membership form or use the contact form below to request for more information.










ULDA & Partners Cooperative Ltd (UK ULDA) is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee

Registration Number: 11728901

Who are “UK ULDA”?

“UK ULDA”, formally registered with the Companies House as ULDA & PARTNERS COOPERATIVE LTD, is a company limited by guarantee serving the following primary roles for its “investment-fee contributing members” in the United Kingdom, through its Siamese operational relationship with the Nigeria-based parent entity, UNIVERSAL LEARN DIRECT ACADEMIA LTD fondly called ULDA

We are a Nigeria-focused commercial mass-housing and infrastructure investment cooperative that is specially established as a funding cum investment partner of UNIVERSAL LEARN DIRECT ACADEMIA-ULDA (ULDA)

This peculiar profit-driven strategic collaboration is designed to network visionary investors-friendly capital with world-class building and construction skills to deliver quality real estate projects at competitive rates to clients with reasonable margins for the collaborative parties.

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Benefits to You


A social investment vehicle for its members; where funds invested must generate financial profit in the short and the long terms.


Gives members the opportunity to own their own homes or grow their portfolios.


Socioeconomic-impact profit for its members; where the social profits are measured on how many youths are trained on our projects, how many artisans are up-skilled with gainful employment from the projects implemented with the members funds.


Leveraging membership and the cooperative's relationships with other institutions to build individual property portfolios.

Our Portfolio

Our Latest Projects With Our Partners

BOIS Estate, Abuja

3D video of our affordable 2-bedroom town houses with 2 living rooms in gated high class estate in Abuja.

Honey Estate, ilorin

3D video of our affordable 3-bedroom town houses with 2 living rooms we will be delivering in Honey Estate, Ijebu Ode.

Caneville Estate, Lagos

Luxury designs of 4-bedroom houses with 2 living rooms in Mende Maryland, Lagos, Caneville Estate.

Our Visioner

A strategic business thinker-and-doer who has gained the peculiar fame of collaborating with and helping business originating entrepreneurs take their businesses to heights of exemplary stature. He innovatively, as the chief contributing political broadcaster on BEN TV in United Kingdom in the early 2000s, raised the profile of the station by regularly getting the good and the great of Africa (like Nobel laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu and late Prof. Wangari Maathu Mathai, presidential, ministerial and gubernatorial personages across the continent) to feature on his much loved and watched shows.

A strong believer in the Nigerian youths; “All they ever need to beat the world is visionary and purposeful public and private sectors leadership” he often says.

Mr Gbola Oba

An experiential and methodical mentor, who is now religiously committed to dramatically reducing Nigeria’s near-20m housing-stock deficit and the near universal culture of incompetence which defines the building and construction industry; by encouraging diaspora and returnee industry experts to kickstart a strategic interventionist TRAIN2BUILD youths and artisans skills-cum-enterprise-empowerment and skills upgrade programmes respectively.

Our UK ULDA Directors

Engr Olatokunboh Otiti

Managing Director, UK ULDA

Mr Femi Okutubo

Director of PR/Marketing, UK ULDA

Engr Oladapo Sulu

Director of Engineering, UK ULDA

Ms Ola Mustapha

Director of Admin, UK ULDA

Ms Funke Lampejo

Financial Director, UK ULDA

Ms Maureen Ogbu

Legal Director, UK ULDA

Our Partners

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Members of

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